"Lee has provided vocals for me on many projects over the years in various styles. He’s a brilliant singer and his work is really high quality with fabulous backing vocals all self-recorded to the highest standards. He’s very fast and professional. I try to work with Lee whenever I can and totally recommend him. As a composer Lee is very sophisticated. His scores are up there with the best you’ll hear on TV/Film at the moment. He has a large library of sounds/plugins and his music programming/producing is very impressive."

MARK RUSSELL - TV & FILM COMPOSER (Bee Movie / Cold Feet / Who Do You Think You Are?)

“Lee Turner is one of the best people to ever happen to our company. Enough cannot be said about his incredible talent with composing bespoke music - his unique ability to capture the tone, mood, and message through music - but also his innate ability to reach into the deeper message and present it in a way that elevates every project. All that, and he’s a genuinely wonderful person to work with on a personal level. Reliable, always delivering assets on time and to exceptional standards. We’re fortunate to have an alliance with Lee.” 

KATE ASTRAKHAN - FOUNDER & CEO - Podcast Network Solutions

“Lee is an incredible musician and artist, but he is also the nicest and most flexible person to work with. Thanks to him, we have built a musical identity to all our events and it has made our clients so happy. Thank you Lee for your passion, hard work, for always respecting the delays and adjusting to our weird requirements… We would not be where we are now without you and it is such a pleasure to be working with you. Thank you for transporting us along your melodies, you make us dream and this is your gift.“



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